Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park was day fours adventure. We started out the tour with a stop to see the first geyser we came across. It was somewhere near the Lower Geyser Basin, we had four scheduled stops and this wasn’t one of them. We were so glad we stopped. The geyser at the back of the boardwalk erupted continually while we were there. The girls loved it. They did complain how hot and smelly it was but agreed seeing that geyser go off, spraying us and everything, was worth it. The hot pools were also so beautiful in colour so it was definitely worth the spontaneous stop. It did however cost us a lot of time, that and waiting for old faithful to erupt because we missed the first eruption by 10 minutes. We ended up having to cut off two of our intended hikes and just hiked down to see the lower lookout at Tower Falls. The girls raced their dad up the 0.8 of a mile back to the parking lot with the stakes being ice cream for everyone, I couldn’t believe it but Silvy won! The trip out of the park was extremely enjoyable between ice cream eating and our close encounters with the bison. Here are some of my favourite pics from the day.

Watching old faithful together. 

Our little secret swimming spot. 

Our racers rehydrating after Silvys big win. 

My little wolf watching out for a bison meal. 

And after a long day of hunting…


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