The Kangaroo Farm

Cost: $5 per person over 5 years.

Today we went with a group of friends to visit the Kangaroo Farm in a nearby town. We love taking the time to go out and enjoy the different animals we have the opportunity to hold, feed, ect. We try to visit at least twice a year, it is our favourite thing to take company to, holding a baby kangaroo, after all, is pretty special. This trip they had two baby wallaby’s and 2 baby kangaroos. “The Outback” was a new feature to the farm this year; acres of field that is now inhabited by goats and a lama. Silvy loved having the goats follow her around. They also had a new greenhouse this year which today held the parrots and baby kangaroos. In the front field we were given food to feed the kangaroos and wallaby’s; this was great fun for the girls who enjoyed given them ‘turns’ eating out of their palms. They also had the sugar gliders out front today were they were letting people hold them. The sugar gliders have been the girls favourite aspect of the farm since their arrival. They line up over and over again to have those little guys crawl all over them. We are so lucky to have such a neat place, that provides this kind of experience for the girls, so close to home. IMG_6475 IMG_6478 IMG_6481 IMG_6482 IMG_6484 IMG_6492 IMG_6494 IMG_6497 IMG_6500 IMG_6511 IMG_6517 IMG_6519


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