Pump Track Biking

Cost: Free

About a month ago Mike ordered Liv ‘the Liv,’ a gear bike from Giant. At this same time, he started teasing her about her “baby” bike, hoping to make her gift all the more exciting. Yesterday her bike had arrived, was built, and gifted to her; made for one happy girl I tell you. We took her biking on a paved trail near our house. She did great; didn’t quite get the hang of changing gears, but she was pretty proud of the progress she had made in one night. Today we went up to a pump track with friends. She was excited to show off how fast she was. I’ve never ridden a pump track, but after today I’m going to assume it’s significantly harder then a paved trail. Oh well, with patience, and practice I’m sure she will be pro in no time. Here are a couple of pics from our day.  



You can tell she’s nervous when she reverts to the run bike style. 
Here she is given up on trying to ride the track all together, walking her bike instead.   


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