Our Homeschool Week

With Spring Break over its back to the daily grind, Monday was a holiday so ambitions were high for early Tuesday morning. An early morning start was anticipated, a full day of school planned; then we kept our kids out until 12:00. Sleeping in was a nessecity. With my schedule adjusted we got off to a nice reasonable 10AM start- slacker time runs frequently in this house. The rest of the day was taken up with grocery shopping. Wednesday and Thursday were a lot more productive and learning oriented. The girls went on two field trips. One learning about the different kinds of animals in the Okanagan and where they all fit into the food web. Here are some pics from that meet-up. 

Thursday’s meet-up was Birds of BC where the girls learned facts about different local birds, got to feel each ones feathers, and play a guessing game listening to their different calls/ whistles. Both outings were awesome and provided such great opportunity for hands on learning. 

Friday was spent at the kitchen table on the morning and then out for “gym” at the park. I feel so blessed to get to spend every day with these rockstar daughters of time. 

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