Mother of Three

I was the loving mother of a raccoon baby (known as a kit- learned through Google) recently. My journey into motherhood only lasted a short period of time but it created the fondest of memories. Can I really call myself it’s mother? I cleaned up its Poo, bathed it, cuddled it, played with it, and nursed it with a bottle. Yes I was his mother. Having my third baby really made me think about having my first. The stories are similar really. I wasn’t sure I was up to the task. I didn’t want to hold it until Mike had bonded with it first. Reasons differed of course, with Silvy I was absolutely exhausted after 24hrs of labor and with rocky, my raccoon son, I was terrified it was going to attack me. Quickly though, I settled into and became comfortable with my role as mother. I knew I couldn’t keep my raccoon son and if I really loved him I would do what’s best for him and let him be raised and rehabilitated with his kind so that’s what we did. He now resides in Vancouver at the Critter Care Wildlife Rehabiliation center. 

The best part about my experience, now when my kids ask me who my favorite child is I get to respond, your brother, my raccoon son. This response annoys them but I argue it to the bitter end, I was his mother, and he my favorite child. 

Here are a couple photos of our time with our baby raccoon.

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