Monday Madness- Cookies for Dinner

I have an overwhelming urge to use the phrase “let them eat cake.”

Monday’s can suck; back to work- back to the homeschool week. This Monday we did something fun and a little out of the ordinary. We made, and ate humongous chocolate chip cookies for dinner. I  really can not understate how good, and huge these cookies were. The recipe said they should be big. It said to expect 9-12 large cookies. We doubled the recipe and only made 10 cookies. Granted the amount of dough we ate was disgusting- that’s right we live dangerously. In all seriousness, it was a well rounded meal; we had a fruit platter and a glass of milk each. Went to bed full and feeling a little sick. Here are some photos from the fun. 


See. There was healthy food too. 


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