Knox Mountain and the Bear Tree

Knox Mountain Apex Trail- Downtown Kelowna, BC

Cost: free

Hiking was a great way to start the week. Got out in the fresh air, tired my kids out for a nice early bedtime. I’m thinking I need to make this a regular thing. I shouldn’t be surprised that if you hull two tiny humans an hour and a half up a mountain, they’re going to pass out at their first opportunity. Knox mountain is so beautiful this time of year too, all of the flowers in bloom. My favorite part of the hike though, was showing the girls my “bear tree.” If your wondering what a bear tree is- let me tell you. It’s a tree that’s been carefully selected in my hiking-alone-moments-of-paranoia; as in when a bear decides to eat me I’m going to quickly climb up that tree. Never mind the fact that I know bears can climb trees. The bear chasing me wouldn’t know how, and my tree would save me. It gave me peace of mind when hiking anyways. Enjoy these photos of the day! 



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