Kelowna Art Gallergy

Sunday’s at the Kelowna Art Galley they offer a family art activity. We’ve been a couple times, and the girls have really enjoyed it. This week they had strips of paper, glue and scissors; and that’s it. It’s a super cool way to encourage creativity with simple things. You can fold and swirl the paper strips and then create an art piece with your folded and curled strips of paper. So simple, I am a huge fan of crafts that don’t require a lot of supervision, only because both the girls and I find me being bossy detracts from the fun. 

Doing crafts also really highlights how different the girls are. When the craft organizer was giving them the supplies and showing them different techniques Silvy carefully listened and watched wanting to do everything just right. Liv ignored and then said “I’m following the instructions I have in my head. I know what I’m building.” 

Both girls little projects turned out fantastic. Can’t wait to hang them in their room! 

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