Hiking in Tofino

Getting my family into hiking has been a goal of mine this year. Our family camping trip to Tofino this past July made it all too easy. The rainforests are gorgeous and lush just bursting with the feel of adventure at every turn. The trails were so easy and fun with the old boardwalks the girls never lost interest. We checked out a couple trails on our trip and I wanted to share my favorites along with some photos.

This trail was incredibly unique with its trees being stunted in growth because of the acidity in the soil, yet they were over 300 years old. The trail was a loop under a kilometer long, and all flat, making it a perfect little walk to do with kiddos. 


My absolute favorite trail was the Rainforest Trail. It was a little longer then the Shorepine Bog trail but seriously, well worth it. The boardwalk is up on stilts with a few staircases, nothing too strenuous but so fun for the girls. The trees are humongous and so majestic looking in the rainforest. I wish I could relive the time we spent on this trail, I would go back in a heartbeat. 


This trail is on the way to Tofino. An amazing art of the rainforest with the islands largest tree on the trail. It was a quick trail with lots of sits to explore. Also a great way to break up the drive to the west side of the island. 


This was the longest trail we did and it was 2.6 kilometers. The variety was spectacular; trees with winding branches, rocky beach exploration, views of the ocean, a lighthouse, all keeping it fun and interesting for the kids. The girls loved climbing the trees and running down to all the little viewpoint trails. We tried to spot a whale or sea lion but no luck.  Still, a great trail with easy walking. You can add more to the walk if you like, but we had a date with a taco truck. 

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