Glacier National Park

Day two of our adventure across the country was scheduled to be a 19km hike along a ridge in Glacier National Park. This was a hike picked out by Mike. I loved the idea, but was unsure of the reality of taking a 6-year-old and an 8-year-old on a 19km hike. Luckily for the girls, when we got to the top of Logans Pass, there was a rain/hail storm with crazy cold winds. We took a literal rain check on the experience. We did drive in and check out the ‘Two Medicine’ entrance that we had never seen before and came across a beautiful waterfall. All in all it was a great second day and the girls were relieved to just do a couple of small hikes instead of walking along a mountain for hours. Here is a picture of Silvy’s look of pure joy when we told her the hike was off:

And other pictures from the day…

And lastly, Liv with the “old fashion” telephone. 

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