Friday Night at Silverstar

We have not done lot of skiing this year. I feel like there’s been more snow in town then at the hill. That, and this year I’ve decided to hate winter. Between all the snow, how freezing it’s been and how sick we’ve been this winter, I am definitely a summer person. Anyways. Silverstar. I truly believe that being out in the snow having fun is the only way to get through and enjoy the season. We’ve done a fair bit of skating and tobogganing his year but not as much skiing. Friday nights are a great night to head up to the hill because of the discounted prices. This Friday we were there right when night skiing started at three so it was awesome to get to enjoy some sunshine on the hill. It was warm and the snow was still soft. The girls did fantastic. Their legs are definitely getting stronger which makes for more confident little skiing buddies. I feel their skill level will quickly outrank mine and my status as cool mom snowboarder will fall to old mom tag along. Such is life I suppose.

Here are a couple photos from the evening. 


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