Fall Knox Hike

We stay away from Knox Mountain in the summer. It’s hot. Really hot. You seriously can’t pack enough water to sustain you to the top. Well I can’t because I would be carrying for the three of us. But mostly we stay away because of the rattle snakes. Yes, rattle snakes. I myself have seen two rattle snakes on the hike. Freaked me right out. So because I have a daughter, that if you say the word snake, starts bawling uncontrollably we stay away from Knox. Fall and spring. That is a great time to hike. Cool enough. Way prettier. Check out the photos from our hike on Wednesday. Gorgeous light. We haven’t been doing a ton of hiking due to schooling eating away at the daylight hours but I really need to make time for it. The girls killed this climb. Liv even asked to go on a bike ride after. Yes. We really should hike more before it snows and we become reacquainted with Netflix. 

Our views from the top ??

They’re holding hands. Seriously brings tears to my eyes how much they love each other. 

Not every moment is as loving… here Silvy is whacking her sister with a fruit roll up. ?

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