Fall Knox Hike

We stay away from Knox Mountain in the summer. It’s hot. Really hot. You seriously can’t pack enough water to sustain you to the top. Well I can’t because I would be carrying for the three of us. But mostly we stay away because of the rattle snakes. Yes, rattle snakes. I myself have seen two rattle snakes on the hike. Freaked me right out. So because I have a daughter, that if you say the word snake, starts bawling uncontrollably we stay away from Knox. Fall and spring. That is a great time to hike. Cool enough. Way prettier. Check out the photos from our hike on Wednesday. Gorgeous light. We haven’t been doing a ton of hiking due to schooling eating away at the daylight hours but I really need to make time for it. The girls killed this climb. Liv even asked to go on a bike ride after. Yes. We really should hike more before it snows and we become reacquainted with Netflix. 

Our views from the top 🙌🏽

They’re holding hands. Seriously brings tears to my eyes how much they love each other. 

Not every moment is as loving… here Silvy is whacking her sister with a fruit roll up. 😂

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