Fabrications Field Trip

I absolutely love all that the Kelowna Art Gallery has to offer. Last week we attended a field trip arranged by a fellow homeschool mom. We had already walked through the Fabrications exhibit a couple weeks prior to this. Art is not my forte in anyway, I could neither explain nor interpret to the girls anything about the pieces on display. So getting to go through again with an artist who was able to draw the girls out and invite them to interpret what the art meant to them was pretty cool. 

Here are the pieces we got to enjoy. 

After the tour through the exhibit the girls were set up to create a little art of their own using mixed media. They were abstract pieces which was really cool and so simple. For 4$ a kid we got nearly 3 hours of art class and a cool piece to take home. Well worth the time and money I would say! 

Some photos of the girls in their creative moments…

And they were oh so happy to pose outdoors with their finished pieces because they were excited to show off their new jackets. 


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