Canyon Falls Hike 

Cost: Free!

 It always impresses me to see just how fearless our girls are; just like their Father. Yesterday we took the girls on a beautiful hike that is only 5 minutes from our house. My husband had recently taken our girls on this hike, but I had never been. I asked if we should pack water. He said “yes, lots.” It had been a rather busy Saturday and we hadn’t really had a chance to discuss the hike or really anything else. So as to not take up time with an irritating conversation I filled 6 water bottles up, made 3 peanut butter, Nutella sandwiches and grab 4 granola bars. I was prepared to spend all day in the mountains. I did not want to hear my kids whine they were hungry or thirty. I was prepared for everything; I even brought my first aid kit. After 27 minutes of moderate effort, 1 creek crossing, 1 small but frightening cliff scaling, we arrived at the end of the trailhead. No one was hungry, no one thirsty. I had carried 25lbs of water on my back like a camel for nothing. Before the end of our ‘trek’ through the mountains I did managed to pawn off the peanut butter sandwiches. I dumped all the water in the creek refusing to carry it back. The sun came out, and to my surprise after walking all-the-way downhill to the falls, the trip back was entirely up hill and a lot harder. The ride home was spent listening to how thirsty my children were. Yay family hike! No just kidding. The five minutes of whining was well worth the time spent outside together. 

 Here’s some photos from the day.   


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