Call Me Deb

My name is Angie, not Deb– I thought though, seeing as this post is my first that I’m kind of like a deb, or debutante, and this post is my formal introduction into the blogging society, it was a great name for my first post. I’m sure I’ll look back and be embarrassed. Oh well.

So why am I blogging? Well to be honest, right now I’m looking at it as kind of an online journal, Time is fleeting they say. I feel time is going by way to fast. We don’t remember enough of the amazing moments we’ve gotten to be a part of, with the people we share our lives with. I want to have something to look back and remember, I think This blog will be a great way to do this. Also when your looking at presenting your life to people, or maybe just online (I don’t want to outright assume this will be read), it makes you think about the person you are and what you do with your time. It inspired me to start living the life I wanted for myself. I want to be outside, I want to inspire my girls to be little adventures and have a longing to be outside instead of inside where no experience and adventure is to be had. Oh, inside can be nice, imagination can be exercised, but outside has that same possibility, and so much more to be discovered. I wanted to play a more active role in my daughters lives. We do everything together; but sometimes I feel though I spend time watching lives happen and memories be made instead of participating in them. I’m missing the moments. I hope this Blog stirs in me the desire to engage actively in all that life has to offer.

What will be blogged about? I’m not super sure. I feel although to answer that question honestly I will need time to find myself and my writing groove. I have a few topics in mind:

  1. Homeschooling, a task that right now takes up the majority of my time. I’m not expert though, I do not have a wealth of knowledge to disperse on people wanting to know how I am able to school my children at home. It all feels kind of free and disastrous. I feel some-what free spirited in this endeavour, I love being at home with my girls, I love listening to them read, and thinking ‘Hey, I taught them that’, I love getting to be there for every moment of their day and sharing in their little lives that are bound to go by all to quickly. I am also terrified. Am I going to screw this up? Are my kids going to turn out okay, or will this experience somehow result in my kids never marrying and stuttering when they try and read aloud? Have I made a mistake in my decision to take full responsibility for their education? I mean, I cannot count the number of times I’ve had to use spell check in this one Blog. Anyways, as a topic I was thinking I could share my struggle and joy of homeschooling, maybe it’s a anti-tips section of the blog, a beware of making the same mistakes I did, as you will.
  2. Travel and Adventure, this is the part that excites me most. I desperately hope to travel the world with my family. That’s going to take time and money, and happen slowly. I don’t want to wait to enjoy what our Earth has to offer until that time. I want to make the most of my time now. We live in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, BC, Canada. We have a wealthy of adventures of a life time right out our front door, and I want to start taking advantage of that. Trips don’t have to be far to bring you closer together of a family, you don’t have to take an airplane or go halfway around the world. Everywhere can be enjoyed and explored. I’m going to start with our beautiful BC. These adventures will all be done on a modest budget and in small increments of time, making them easy for families to duplicate.
  3. Family Fun, aside from what we do outdoors in the way of travel, I will share what we do as a family that is cheap or free to keep our little babes busy. These will consist of local or indoor activities like crafts, games, and just ideas all around on having fun as a family. Emphases put on spending time not money.
  4. This is almost embarrassing. But yes, here it is, I am guilty of the whole frumpy mom thing– I live in tights. My daughters live in tights– and a lot of the time resemble the dirty orphans in movies. I have small yearly budget set aside to invest in mom wearables and key wardrobe essentials that I will, from time to time, post when what and where from pictures. All in the name of my debut into this blogging life. I will also attempt, when need be, to wrangle my children into adorable and affordable outfits, clean their faces, brush their hair, and bribe them with whatever, to document this miracle.

So, this is a rough idea of the Why and What of this blogging endeavour. Thanks for getting through this post with me and look forward to many others. Consider this the end of my blogging “coming out.”(Debutante reference again, couldn’t help it).


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