Balu Trail

Last Thursday we road tripped to Glacier National Park for a gorgeous hike along the Balu trail. Even though it rained a bit the hike was amazing and well worth the 3.5 hours it took us to drive there. The trail is absolutely gorgeous. It starts off on switchbacks though the mountains and then you come upon and walk through a gorgeous meadow. I had never been in a meadow before. It’s name “Balu Trail” is apt as the meadow is a feeding ground for black and grizzly bears. Glad the only animal we ran into was a Badger we named King Murray. The girls look forward to going back and seeing their new ‘friend’.

Some pictures from our adventure. 

Getting to use a map was a huge highlight for Liv. 

Aunty Rachel and Uncle Drew exploring beautiful BC with us. It had been decided the night before if someone had to be sacrificed to the Bears it would make the most sense for it be Drew(Liv picked). Most unloving niece ever. 

Your kids face when you read you’re in bear country?

Rare family photo. Thanks Rachel! 

Stopped for hiking snacks on a little bridge over a river. 


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