Back to Canyon Falls

Canyon falls in quickly becoming our families favorite hike. It’s so close to our house, it’s not too long, it involves a ladder, there’s a section you need a rope for- elements of danger, or fun, to keep the girls happy the whole way there. Plus, it ends in a gorgeous water fall, what’s not to love? We trekked it as a family this last Tuesday night. My Brother came along too, which is how we managed a family photo. The water is so high right now; by the end of the hike we were all sporting wet, muddy shoes and legs. Liv even had a muddy butt from some scooting she did down the steps sections. I’m pretty excited to see how this hike changes through the summer. Already it’s so lush and gorgeous from the last time we went. I hope our girls will continue to enjoy our hikes together. 

Here are some photos from the fun. 

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