About Me

My name is Angie and I am a professional juggler– not really, I’m actually terrible at juggling, both literally and figuratively. I recently have come to the conclusion that you just have to pick the balls that are most important to you and throw the rest away. It’s much easier to throw two balls up and down in the air gracefully, even though you may look foolish, and yes the other women might glare at you while they struggle, or not,  to juggle three or even four balls, then to you yourself struggle, because juggling is not everyones talent– defiantly not mine.

My daughters are one of the important balls I am keeping in my life. They are amazing and beautiful gifts that I have resolved to spend more time cherishing.

Silvy is 8 years old, not 8 going on 16, but this perfect and special 8 that in todays world is missed and rushed, and I am just so lucky to be IMG_8393her mom. She’s funny, geeky funny, finding her sense of humour funny. When she tells a joke I squirm, yes because I’m uncomfortable, because it is not funny or a joke, there is no punch line or anything that resembles humour, but she tries so hard and says her favourite thing to do is make people laugh (note to self– must buy Silvy a joke book). She is the most thoughtful friend and daughter anyone could ask for, she will go up to the kid no one likes and makes
sure to invite him to play because it makes her feel sad to think of people being left out. She makes sure to hug and kiss me every night and to make sure everyone in our family feels her love. She’s so innocent, I love her sweet innocence, I hope I can keep it around as long as possible.

Nothing makes you realize how different people are from each other right from birth like having a second child. Liv is a wild and crazy 6, and keeping up with her has been nothing short of fun. She is a march to the beat of her own drum kind of kid. She can’t wait to be a mother, but for the moment refuses to wear anything girly, in fact only boy’s T-shorts are on the order for her summer wardrobe. She picks the most random things, this spring her drea_MG_3653m is to roll in a mud puddle, and makes them her main focus until they come to fruition. This girl will be able to do anything she sets her mind to. With no regard for peoples feelings and normal social politeness raising her is, and will, continue to be an adventure.

My husband is other ball I will continue to keep in my life. Marriage does not come easy, and we have earned calling ours a good one. We’ve made it 10 years by respecting and accommodating each others needs and boundaries. I love being married to this man– most days, and look forward to many more years of raising our girls together and buying out those perfect serene moments as just husband and wife.

Sometimes it hits me, these are the important things, they are what make me, me. Yes, I have other interests; I love reading, I can immerse myself in any world, life and time by just picking up a book, I have a lust for travel, I feel although wanderlust is an virus that has infected my blood and nothing but travel will cure me of it. I look forward time and again to showing our girls the world and learning with them from all the experience travel brings. I have goals; I want to write more, as an outlet, and to inspire myself, and possible even others to be the mothers, and people to they see themselves being. I also want to adventure more, spend more time outdoors enjoying nature and activity with my family. I often wonder whether intwining my identity in my family is mistake, that when my children grow up and make their own ways I will feel although a giant part of who I am will be ripped away with them– I am okay with taking the risk.